Resident Benefit Package

We include all our renters in our resident benefit package. We offer best in class services that help enhance your rental experience with us.

Resident Rewards

You will be rewarded for paying your rent on-time with our Resident Rewards program. You can get cash, gift cards, and exclusive discounts to save up to $4,500/year on every day expenses! Every time you pay your rent a meal is also purchased for someone in need through Grace Marketplace and No Kid Hungry. Click here for details

Credit Building

Now you can build your credit by paying your rent on-time too! Boost your credit score each time you pay rent on-time. Click here for details

Identity Protection

Up to $1M identity protection for stolen funds reimbursement to protect all adult leaseholders complete with a US-based Identity Restoration Specialist. Click here for details

Renters Insurance

By enrolling into our Resident Benefits Package, you will meet the insurance requirements of the lease agreement. We’ve secured an industry-leading value policy from an A-rated carrier. You may also obtain your own insurance if you wish. Click here for details

Filter Delivery

Changing filters is as easy as opening the front door. For our properties we’ve made every effort to ensure your obligation to change the filter(s) is as easy as possible by having them delivered to your door approximately every 90 days, or as required by the property’s HVAC system. This helps you save up to 15% on monthly heating & cooling bills, improves indoor air quality, and reduces the hassles and liability of repairs. Click here for details.

Online Portals

Pay your rent online, access documents and submit your maintenance requests any time, 24/7. We know life is busy and we provide online access to help make these tasks easy to accomplish!