Maintenance Tips

General Troubleshooting Tips

Dishwasher Topics+

I put the wrong type of soap in the dishwasher, what do I do?

How to fix a dishwasher that will not drain

Drain Topics+

Electrical Topics+

I lost electrical power or need to reset the circuit breaker. What do I do? -

I lost power to an electrical outlet, but not to the rest of the house. What do I do? -

Garbage Disposal Topics+

How to use a garbage disposal

How to unjam the garbage disposal. -

How to reset your garbage disposal

Gas Topics+

What do I do if I smell gas? -

Heating and Air Conditioning Topics+

How do I use my thermostat to control heating and cooling? -

How do I change my furnace filter?

Smoke Detector Topics+

How do I test the smoke detector? -

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